About Us

TastyHasty is Yorkshire’s online food delivery marketplace, connecting food lovers, restaurants and delivery drivers through its platform. We offer an online marketplace where supply and demand for food delivery and ordering meet.

TastyHasty is a Wakefield, West Yorkshire based company that started in March 2021 and provides it’s services to consumers, restaurants and delivery drivers within Pontefract, Castleford, Normanton, Featherstone, Darrington, Ackton, Ferrybridge and the surrounding suburbs.

As an online food delivery platform, our aim is to bring great food direct to customers as fast as possible, in less than 15 minutes. We aim to achieve this by focusing primarily on a small geographical area, working closely to understand the driving factors of demand and supply within the region, thereby leveraging the right technology to achieve this vision.

TastyHasty provides restaurants with data insights so that they know which cuisines will be popular within the local region, access to data of returning customers allowing them to retain loyal customers giving them the opportunity to tailor special offers and loyalty bonuses to those customers. One of our core vision is to help grow the local economy within Wakefield by linking local restaurant suppliers with restaurants creating a suitable network between both parties via our platform.

TastyHasty derives its revenues from commissions on the food ordered through our platform and, to a lesser extent, from online payment service fees.